Click on the link below, then right-click the application of choice to "Save As" to your system. Python files with the .txt extension have been added if you have trouble downloading the .py files. Just rename the "txt" to "py" and you can load as a python script.

C. Elegans

  1. GoPiGo Python Program
    1. A Python C Elegan's Connectome application using a Dictionary = increase performance/speed. This program is designed for the GoPiGo robot system but you can comment out the GoPiGo commands to run standalone. This is the final version of the application but we encoruage you to modify and submit your mods to us to make this a better app.
  2. Older Python Programs
    1. Simple Python C Elegan's Connectome application. Entering a name of a neuron into the console prompt will activate the connectome.
    2. Python UDP C Elegan's Connectome application. Reading a UDP message will activate the connectome.
  3. Connectome Spreadsheet (MS Excel)
    Two tabs:
    Neurons: List of all the neurons and what UDP Ports I used to connect to those neurons progammatically
    Connectome: The Presynaptic and Postsynaptic Neurons and Muscles that make up the entire C Elegans Connectome. Note regarding muscles, you will see in the spreadsheet, in the Connectome tab, what neurons connect to Muscles. Muscles are defined as MDLnn, MVLnn, MDRnn and MVRnn. You will also see positive and negative weights. I send these weights to an output program that accumulates the weights Left (MDL, MVL) and Right (MDR, MVR) to run the Left and Right robot motors. Note, I only accumulate the weighted values for muscles 07-24. 01-06 are head muscles and they are not so much involved in locomotion of the worm and do many other functions. When I initially created the program, I accumulated all muscles but found adding the head muscles gave some strange results at times.
    1. MS Excel Connectome Spreadsheet
  4. Data Capture: Record of each time a Neuron fires.
    Columns are:
    Timestamp = when the neuron fired, the data is sorted by this column
    Presynaptic = the neuron that is firing
    Postsynaptic = the neurons that the Presynaptic neuron is activating
    Weight = the weighted value being sent to the Postsynaptic neurons

    Presynaptic "Food", "Nose" and "Touch" are robot sensors that activate specific sensory neurons which are shown in these data captures.

    Postsynaptic MVLnn, MVRnn, MDLnn and MDRnn are the body muscles being activated and the weighted values being sent to them. Note with muscles, there are positive and negative weights depending on the circuit.
    1. MS Excel Spreadsheets by record date